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Hi,hi.eWe.Im A.R.R. Im a Sonic the Hedgehog addict, as you can see. ( Shadow the hedgehog is better >W< ). I love him so much, I made my O.C. his little sister, Shades the hedghog.

Im a fox with 4 tails in the Sonic World, and I love making stuff, like I do in real life. NERD ALERT!! Lawl. I like:

Manga, Shadow the hedgehog, Yoshi, my pet fish, my BBz, my Ipod, music and I have a wicked sweet tooth.

My favorite O.C.'s of mine are Ko the bat, Shades the hedghog, Lizzy the fox, Miki the Betta fish ( made in memory of mhy first ( dead) fish, Ben the coyote, and Tisha the grey wolf. Yeah, I know. I have a lot of O.C.S.

I also love Scooby Doo. Always have, always will. My favorite charactars are Freddy and Daphne. Freaphne forever :3.

That's all I have to write for now. Alaina the fox out. Peace, Love and Scooby Doo.

LAWL, your still reading this bro? XDD