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hey.Me and my sister are AZ girls.We are almost complete opposites.She's the girly one,I'm the tom-boy.She LOVES pink, I LOVE blue.She likes to go out, I like to stay at my house.One more thing that's different about us.She's 16.I'm 10.

SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! We both like to draw.We both like video games (BUT I LIKE THEM MORE!!! D:<) We both have a series. Her's is called "When the clock struck LOVE" mine is "destruction Strikes" And~~ WE BOTH LOVE PUPPIES!!!!!

Okay, o.c. time. Oreo first- (note she quit her series because she's too busy..Sorry)

Aubrey- A red headed girl who loves Eric and basically hates Lauren.

Eric- A guy who used to date Lauren but broke up with her and started to have a crush on Aubrey, then eventually dated her. (AAAAAWWWWW)

Lauren- A girl who loves Eric but he broke up with her because she's a jerk face (HA!) And hates Aubrey.

Storm-....I'm not sure

Nolan-....uh....a guy from France...


Irken Ari- A female,10 or 12 year old (no-one knows her age) girl who is kind toward her friends, s.i.r.s, And her son, Gari.But other than that she's very cruel and mean towards threats and basically everyone else.She is a demon.I made her when i was 8 or 9, she is single too.

Human Ari- A cheery,11 year old girl who has um...Anger issues. She tends to pretend to be happy every day, but she is hurting inside.Ari is very strong.She also has a demon as well.Her boyfriend is Horoki. I made her when I was about 9

Ash- A sweet,17,year old girl that is very strong.She and my sister are very much alike.She has 2 piercings..well..3.She loves her Brother and her sister.She will always be protecting them.Talk about loyalty,eh?

Maku- a 9 year old dude who is poisoned. (THANKS A LOT,SASORI!!!) He is a bit grumpy.Even though he gets like that sometimes, He will never get mad at Ari and Ash.

Gari- a cute guy.He has a crush on Zecco. He is very shy and sweet. He will do anything to make his mom and his friends happy.He will take after his mom.

Swirl- A girl who is basically is a stalker towards Gari.

Moss- A s.i.r. who has bl00d on his head and his mouth.He is a bit...psycho...But he is very loyal and will never leave your a bl00dy puppy.

Scar-A s.i.r who has a scar on his eye. People always misunderstand him to be ugly and stupid.He is a bit em0 but he will never lie. He is a true friend.

Mach- This guy is to nice for words.He has a bit of a crush on Ari, and dreams of having the courage to tell her.Mach is often active, but sometimes TOO outgoing.He can be Hyper at times, but he will always lend you a hand.

Peru- A 18 year old girl. She's VERY,VERY shy.She has a crush on Italy~~~~She has long hair,blue eyes,and tan skin.But the bad thing is,She barely talks.

Lily-...some girl...I'll put her personality soon....

G- G is a long lost character who is going to meet up with someone that he hasn't seen in a while. >:D

Pirara- She is a keronian who is very loving.She is also the leader of the D.O.G platoon.

Buttons- a ghost that LOVES, and I mean LOVES pizza.She's sorta lonely, but when she's around her friends, she's cheerful.Buttons is very loyal.

Cheryle- an evil akatsuki member and she absolutely,positively,HATES Ari.





~AZ girls.

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August 27,2001

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Drawing,animating,playing video games,watching TV,loving anime

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Naruto,IZ,Bleach,SGT.Frog,Chobits,Ouran HSHC,Hetalia,any anime show