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I was walking my dog on a Saturday morning when I noticed a moving van in front of the house across the street. There was what seemed to be a Mom with colorful clothing on and a dad with a sweater vest. As I reached my doorstep, I stopped to turn around then I saw a guy he looked my age but dark. He was wearing black, but he had pale skin. I walked in and bent down to unleash my dog. “How was Toby’s walk?” my mother asked me while she was putting a cake in the oven.

“Fine he seems energetic today. Hey did you see the moving van in front of the house that’s across the street?” I asked her knowing she would have an idea.

“Of course whom do you think this cake for? They seem like a really nice family.” she closed the oven and took her mittens off. She seemed happy to have new neighbors across the street. “Can you go get cleaned up we’re going to go over to introduce ourselves.”

“Yeah, Okay I’ll be down in sec.” I said walking up; the stairs. When I entered my room I looked out the window and I could see the guy I saw earlier was out on his lawn working on pulling weeds out. It was pretty sunny outside I don’t know how he could be wearing all black, ”Honey its time to go I’ll be waiting outside.” She walked out the holding the cake.

Walking outside I was putting my hair in a ponytail my mom was already talking to them I walked over. “Hey, Becky this my daughter Linda.”

“Hi, It’s nice to meet you.” I reached to put a strain of hair behind my ears.

It’s so nice to meet you. Your that girl that was walking her dog this morning” apparently her name was Becky. She seemed really cheery like a mom that likes having everything organizined.

You know I have a son about your age you should go meet him he should be repairing the kitchen sinking, Go right in” she said putting a box down wiping sweat off her forehead.

Walking in I felt that house was bigger than my house, in the kitchen I saw him working on the sink. “Hey.” I came closer. He seemed busy but then finally turned around. “Hi” he mumbled I noticed he had clear blue eyes with either really dark brown hair or black, the lighting didn’t let me clear things up. “Your mom told me to come see you. I’m Linda.”

“Casey.” He didn’t seem like much of a talker. Then he went back to fixing the sink.

“Well I’ll see you around.” I said walking out. Now I had a pretty good description of him. He was tall, with black hair, with a very light complexion. He looked like a vampire.

Outside my mom looked like she was having a pretty good conversation with Becky “Hey Linda are you done talking to Casey?” Becky said with a smile on her face. I guess she was happy having a conversation.

“Uh, Yea he seems really nice. Kind of quiet though.” I didn’t want to tell her he really didn’t talk me as much. I turned to my mom “Is it okay if I go home I have homework” I asked hopefully she’d let me go.

“Of course you go a head. I’ll see you at home” I was happy she said that.


Entering school people were already talking about Casey. I walked by a group of gossip girls. ”Ohmigosh have you seen the new guy” of course Ana was freaking out about it. Ana was like the head of the group. Violet freaked outYes! Talk about adorable”

These kind of girls bothered me all they did was talk about people I mean hats the point. Opening my locker I saw Casey walk by. I decided to go talk to him. Walking there someone got in my way.

“Where do you like your going?” Violet said she looked annoyed. She was the type of girl who always got in peoples lives.

“ I don’t know why I should tell you, but if you must know I’m going to go talk to Casey.” I said that trying to get past her, which I did. Casey was sitting on the bench. “Hey Casey.” I said sitting down beside him. He had a sketch pad “What are you a drawing” I asked him.

“Something…” he said looking really focused. I felt like saying something.

You know you’re not much of a talker” I noticed that what I had said slipped out. I noticed he stopped drawing and put the sketchpad in his backpack.

“Well I guess I’m not much of talker.” He mumbled but loud enough that I could hear him. He stood up and staring. Walking I got up and followed him. “Hey you got to be more out there you know?” once I said this he stopped.

“This is just me.” He turned around throwing his backpack over his shoulder.

“But you need to just blossom!” I smiled. I caught up to him. “Come on I’ll be you best friend.” I was trying to change his mind.

“So if I blossom.” He said putting emphasis on the blossom.”...Youll be my best friend?” he said in such a dull voice.

“Yea you got to stop wearing black. You need to wear Blue, Green, Red, you see where I’m going?” I motivated him. Think of it Casey wearing a different color would be weird.

“Okay you got yourself a deal! I’ll blossom, and we’ll get to know each other, and then, and only then I’ll consider being best friends.” He smiled. That smile was the first time I saw Casey smile.

“Deal!” We shuck hands, which some how pulled into a hug. It was the beginning of a blossoming friendship.