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YO'z and welcome to my temporary creators room. :P

Da name's AcidAce or Ace for short but most peeps just call me Deo :P

Old info-

If some of you must know, my old dsi has broken, it broke about 4-5 months ago leaving me unable to post. So Ima be posting from this account until I get my official DSi.So until then,enjoy my current animations and stuff that I'm currently posting for now. :P

  • End of old info

Alrighty then, time to get crackin' :P

About meh: I ish a 15 year old dude in 8th grade(dun ask why),going on to high school next year, hopefully :P I'm pretty much a spriter and animator and I'm pretty good at bein' both, sorta. :P I'm also somewhat of an artist, i kinda suck though. And as you can tell, I'm a huge Kirby fan :P

Anyway,I'm a really, really, REALLY nice dude. Let's put it like dis, I'm one of those weird/random/nice/calm type of dudes :P

I hardly get into any fights, cus I'm very sweet-hearted (As I've been told dat is :P), I'm very funny, and I'm also very helpful o3o

Did I mention lazy? :P

I'm also a great brawler too -FT-

Okay then, enough of dat :P

Favorite Stuff Dat Moi Enjoys:

Fave Type of Music:

Rock, Rap, Jazz, Techno(somewhat),Video Game Music, and Gospel(somewhat).

Fave Food/Candy:

Pizza,Sour Candy Gummy worms/Octopuses, BACON(fawk yeah), Chicken, etc.

Fave Video Game Series:

Legend of Zelda Series, Mario Series, Sonic the Hedgehog Series, Kingdom Hearts Series, and a few others.

Fave Spriters/Animators:, Meatball, Shadow624, XFireMH, Username, Zeta, and Omegasword.

Fave Artist:

<3Unknown<3, Erika, Playerman, Princess.

(I rarely look a drawin' flips besides UK's, hers are da best :3)

Project's/Upcomin' Flips:

Now here ish some of meh best buddehs:


UK is meh best best best buddeh, teh one and only girl that i care about da most. Me and her go way back, back to da cavemen days :P.

She is da coolest, funniest, sweetest, prettiest, and kindest girl that I've ever met and that's da truth. No lie. I would do anything for her just to keep her happy, even rob a bank :P

You just dun know how much I love dis girl and I dun feel like explaining it either. She's also an excellent artist and my most favorite, love ya chicka ^-^

Me and dis dude ish tight like a knot :P He's the very first friend I made on Hatena and hes meh best bud o3o-b He's a excellent friend and sprite animator/maker.

If you haven't seen his series yet, SSBX, then yer crazeh :P



He's a very random/crazeh dude, like me but only random-er/crazeher :P

He's another one of meh epic/best friends :P Whenever me, him, Vid, and UK ish all around, he likes to refer to us as the "original 4" or something like dat :P

Him and UK ish very very tight, (tighter than her and I actually) so you best be careful cuz if you say somethin' bad about her, MB or me will most certainly come after you, ESPECIALLY him :P He's also an awesome spriter :P

OmegaSword:Just another awesome dude that likes to get on my nerves every now and then. :P He's epic an animator and spriter and a pretty badass brawler.

Shadow624:shad? pretty much the best and fastest sprite maker on hatena and one of the top best animators. if you never heard of this dude b4 then theres something wrong with you and for some unknown reason that i can't remember,he likes to call me "Krej" all da time :P. Thats pretty much where i got the idea for krej's name :P

Playerman:ah yesh,mr.monkeh thing is what i like to call him :P. Teh man of epic randomness and stuff. Basically have half the stuff he says is just as dumb and stupid as mine XD. But in all serious,he's a great artist and great a friend,also a good brawler :P.

Sinz:This guy right har is my loud mouth,cussin' like a mofo and very violent friend :P. He's my only friend on hatena that i know in real life but he doesn't post flips yet though,he can't cuz he's poor as hell and doesn't have a dsi :P. though he say's some of the dumbest shyt to meh and stuff,hes meh best buddeh :P. hopefully one day i can repay he back properly for all da stuff he's done for me.

Sierra:Da ladeh of rainbows and weird llama rainbow unicorns :P. she ish my very sweet gal friend and ish best buddehs with sinz :P. she always look on da bright sides of things and very random :P.


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Ima write down da rest later.

(Edited by Princess UK, due to the fact that AcidAce has trouble using proper grammar ^-^ Yer welcome)