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After a long and Flipnote-less period of inactiveness, I`ve finally decided to return to Hatena.

Pretty soon, the account I`m on right now will be dead and gone; I`m going to delete it. But have no fear! I will replace it with a new account so I can start fresh. I will be under the ID RetroCitrus, and I`ll have my current name, //BLADE\\.

With this new account, I`ll be posting 10x more Flipnotes than previously before. And this time, I`m determined to get at least ONE Flip on the Most Popular! I won`t be posting anything on this account, for it is going bye-bye sooner than you can say "Chuck Norris is the greatest living being that has ever walked Jupiter" 20x fast in German.

Anyway, that about wraps it up. See ya!

Come to the dark side. We have cookies.

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Mr. Dr. Pf. Brandon Humphrey. XD


I'm a hot dude! JK. But I'm still a dude! XD


February 23, mai peeps!


Flipnotes. Annoying mai sister.


American, Spanish and Sign Language.