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First off heres some info about me:

Age: 13

I am a girl (obviously lol)

Fav animal: HORSE and wolves

Info: Hey Im Free filly but thats not my real name. As you know I love horses! Soon though I will be posting some wolf flipnotes. I have been drawing horses since I was 3 years old, though I cant say the same for wolves... I LOVE drawing and looking at peoples work. Please feel free to give me advice and tips on my art at ANY given time! =3 Sadly I dont own any real horses but I own 2 dogs! (close enough to wolves? lol) Id love it if you faved me and gave me stars and comments on my flips. I'm trying to get to be a popular horse creator. ANYWAYS I cant always post at my house due to some weird internet problem but I will post when I can!

Right now:

Hey I've changed my user name to fallen! I hopr you like it. I changed it because i wont be drawing just horses anymore i will be doing wolves too! Forgive me if they are not very good... I've been drawing horses my whole life so im not used to wolves.

Feel free to give me any tips about my wolves I need to learn how to draw them better. Anyways once i get my citizenship i will be creating a channel! Make sure you check it out! ;)