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My character is zoey hearts the Fox. she could be sweet and friendly. She really injoy's playing with her friends like AngelWolfy/Rubium/LeaWings/Kayla/ OneE/Sunny/Country Fox/Saze/Eblitz/Shaury/Zombie cyg/Nau/Sxo/ Kageberry/Ecktric/Embargo/Gummybear/Daringblue\Virginia/AoiUsagi``)/Ro$eyRa$cal/Bad apple/Kitty/Sonia lee/LinkinPark/Baby Ley/

Zoey's Info:

Name: Zoey Hearts

Type of animal: Fox


boy/girl: Girl

Powers: Fire, water

Types of favorate songs: Country music and hip hop

Favorate colors: Pink & black

Hobbies: Playing with her friends,Reading,drawing, and making new friends.