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Hey der ppls my name is jenn I'm 13 and I'm a sasuke fangirl :D <3

Anyways so here's some stuff about meh :3

I'm scene-ish I'm a happy person unless you piss me off -.- I have dark brown hair I love the color black because it's a plain color

Fave bands:

Dot dot curve, black veil brides, nevershoutnever, skrillex, deadmau5, vocaloid, flyleaf, paramore, botdf, bullet for my valentine, 2ne1<3, and 3 days grace

Fave food:

Green tea mochi, onigiri, pocky(I like all of them :P), Neri ame (chopstick candy), I like lots of sugar that's why I'm mostly sugar high :D WHOOP SUGAR!!!

Fave animes:

Naruto, naruto shippuden, shugo chara, lucky star, death note, black butler, candy candy, full metal alchemist, soul eater, squid girl etc


Sayuri, loveleen, kat Conley, JonaYe, miyuki, rin02, •shy•, paige chan(sis), soni, kasumi-Jenna-(sis) awesomeI have alot sorry if I forgot you ;A;

Fave creators:

Sayuri, Amaya, Miri purin, mashiro, loveleen, miyuki, epic, Anthony, JonaYe, symphonic, pretty much ppl on my faves list

Soo here's my profile


Nickname: kandi tako xD

Likes:SASUKE UCHIHA<3 candy, yaoi, my friends, vocaloid, deidara,

Dislikes: certain things yo :T xD


Style:happy scene

Rawrz I'll update whenever laterzz

Over and out


hey sup im at camp haha bitches :P I'm so bored it's two in the morning listening to skrillex

fuck shit asshole bitch hahahhaa look at dat hatena I cursed >:D anyways I miss my buds it's been a long day