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Hellu I'm Aleshathefox from deviantart :3 I've been drawing Sonic characters for about two years now, Alesha was mah first character . Brenna is mah sonic verion of meh, so they're pretty much mah most important charries I'm into Sonic the Hedgehog, a lot of animes (a few being Tokyo Mew Mew, Hetalia and Sgt. Frog >w<), Homestuck, MLP:FiM :D, and a LOT of other things haha. As for music, i LOVE Nicki Minaj! ;D others that I like are Lady Gaga , Skrillex<3, Evanescence, Ke$ha and Owl City. Some of mah inspirations are Jinxlover/Sinbreaker/Dangerflo/SymRox Jox (SymRox Jox. "His" art is really amazing, it was the first of Sonic I ever saw :D), Lilith (Catwalk98), ShwayzD (ShwayzD), EstellaFoxy (Estellawazhere) and all of mah friends <3333 I hope you guys n gals enjoy mah art and leave a lot of nice comments (or bad bc i rly s*ck at drawing and animating -sobsobsob- ;-;) n just enjoy mah art >w<

Thank you loves,

~AleshaFox -Brenna-

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Twitter: @Brenna_Rainbowz

That is all ;3