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hi,Im Alex Im 12 years old, & I live in are beautiful places would you can come and take a really goood vacations:D

My dream,is to go to United Estates or Tokio,Japan cuse my grandpa says they're a great places.

All right here are now my hobbies:

  • I like to practice Drawing & playing videogames; and for doing exercice like the atletism:)

Now,my life with Hatena:

Here I am happy to feel free to post my flips or spin-offs but Ihave goals tooo:

gettin 50,000 stars(done)

get 100,000 stars(done)

get 500,000 stars

get the 1st rank (wow very dificult:P)

get 100 fans(done)

get 500 fans

get 1,000 fans

get 5,000 fans

get 10,000 fans

my best rank was: 14th (with the first hot potato MV;spin-offed yet ¬¬ & false reported T-T)

please chek out the profile of EagleNbula & Mr.Derp

& noooow I have a channel owo.