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Hello my name is Alex and i'm 15 years old!

i love to listen to music and i'm play video games and play outside some times! i am all about extreme on flipnotes or anykind of flipnotes.

YOUTUBE CHANNEL~~~~~~~alexhero8

Smile for Japan everyone :)


I like making flippy notes!

I like guitar

I like Piano

I like drawing

You've probably noticed by now that I am OBSESSED with Mario!

i hope i become famous just like gizmo, boss, sabortooth and undecillon, they are my favorites. my true friends on flipnote hatena is Skyler,Gizmo, Anthony. you may have noticed that some of my flipnotes are locked but don't worry i'll unlock them when i finish all of them so stick with me.

im also trying to become hatena's greatest Flipnote Artist. hopefully you'll agree with me, and i still like to post my flips at my house. so when i say i will unlock this at this # of stars its probably not gonna be right when it reaches that #, but it will be unlocked next time i go on flipnote hatena.

Also my goals for Hatena are making cool and unique ways of making flipnotes and hopefully getting up to a million stars or a purple star from someone, whichever comes first. and i hope (but it probably won't happen) to be regonized in the weekly artest for my sprite making skills.

i am trying my best to make good flipnotes,and you may know i have flipnotes that are copied well that is in the past, i only did that so i can get my channel, i really wanted one. now i do, and i promise i am now gonna do my very own flipnotes which i have been, and if you add this many stars (10000), you will recieve a awesome reward from me! so i suggest you do that.

i am now running out of ideas. please comment in one of my flipnotes for a idea and if i like it i will donate some stars for you! if you come up with a awesome idea, you will get a special reward. i will comment you if i like the idea i choose.

i am now opening a new contest of.... a color star contest! heres the rules... rule#1- whoever adds the most color stars on the flipnotes i will recieve some of the stars i get.

rule#2- if you say anything in the comments like: you suck at doing this or you stole this idea or anything like that you will not recieve any reward from me!

rule#3- no copying ideas from me or others!

rule#4- if you make a special offer, you will possibly win the contest.

idk really just try your best!


whew, big list. have any other requests?

AWESOME CREATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FANS, I LOVE U ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

updated on 3/30/11