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UPDATE 7/27/12:I would like to thank my fans to getting me to rank 108 and 490 both in 1 day, wow I didn't know I was that good!As you know my dream is to be rank #1 do you thinK i CAN

Upate 8/5/2012: Im really losing all hope of achieving my Hatena goal therefore making me sad, first barley of my music flips got noticed like that like Call Me Maybe, Glad You Came Lyrics, etc. Anyway I'm back to Love Series but trying to be more original which makes it harder and make my stories worse, I never wrote more than a season of 1 story please comment on my flips if you think I should just give up?

Also I love you guys for supporting me and giving me the chance to become popular on Hatena. I feel really sad?

Please read the above updates.

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(None Send Them In by spinning off one of my flips)

I really feel like giving up ):

UPDATE 8/17/12: (TO BE UP)


Drawing, Learning, and watching gravity falls.

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English, part of Spanish,and part of french.


TV Shows liked Gravity Falls / Gravity Falls