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What's up you know who i am and if you don't it's Josh.

some stuff about me.

Name: Laura Josh Sanchez Romero


Likes:Pie,Cookies,my old home(i back in Texas),food,Sonic,my o.c's,mustaches,myself,emo people,metal

rock,Three Days Grace,killing people, and many more.

Fav song:

That's all.

Anyhow enough about my personal life, lets get into normal mode.

I live in Texas and i'm 10 years old, so good for me.

BTW my b-day is on 6-9-2001.

Too bad my b-day is in the spring.:C

My full name is Laura,Josh Sanchez.


My dad is from Veracruz, and my mom is from Honduras.

BTW People tell me that I look Canadian.

How rude, but AWESOMENESS!!!!:D

I'm in Fifth Grade(SUCKS!!)

.I am independent, I don't trust anyone not even my Family.

.I don't like it when someone tells me what to do,

even though i DON'T obey.

.I do not fall for boys that easy.

.Sonic is my whole world I kick anyone's butt if they talk bad about Sonic.

.I'm TALL(5 foot 2)

.I'm very STRONG.

.I did move to Canada.

.I do cuss.

.My big brother will sometimes go on internet and make comments and such.

.Just because i'm Mexican doesn't mean I'll talk to to you in Spanish.

That's all you have to know about me.

Now enjoy these facts about my O.C's.

I am very sorry that i haven't been online for a long time its not my fault its my internet that won't let me get in BTW i moved back to Texas

Carter the mongoose


He was born in a planet far from Planet Earth or Planet Mobious. His planet is called Luxuriatiom(which means in his natural langue Black and Red and Brown).

Friends: Rash,Pie, Vanessa, Jorge, Josh, and Ceisha.

Personality: Smart, sometimes independent, sometimes lonely,happy,and carefree.

Likes: smiles, Rash, Vanessa, Ceisha,pie,his creator,science, and candy.

Hates: tears,sadness,being left alone,fire,bombs,Smarter, and Sonic.

That's all fokes!!!!!