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Hi people!

This is my new account!!! I'm glad i was able to get the same ID as I have on deviantArt!!

I'm currently making:

I also have a dA account (Alpha-Rise) and a Youtube (AlphaRise001) but I won't post any videos.

Achievements/Trophys: (restarted because I got a new account)

  • Welcome new guy! [x]

(Get 10 fans)

  • Wow... That's just a coincidence! [x]

(Get 50 fans)

  • How much did you beg them..? [ ]

(Get 100 fans)

  • People seem to like you for some reason... [ ]

(Get 300 fans)

  • Half a millenaire! [ ]

(Get 500 fans)

(Get 1000 fans)

  • The hand slipped... [x]

(Get 10 stars)

(Get 100 stars)

  • Hum... They are fake! [x]

(Get 1000 stars)

(Get 9001 stars)

(Get 100000 stars)

  • You might be appreciated..? [ ]

(Get 500000 stars)

  • Millionaire..!!!!! [ ]

(Get 1000000 stars)

  • Froggy! [ ]

(Get one green star)

  • You're a zucchini! [ ]

(Get 10 green stars)

(Get 100 green stars)

  • Scourge! [ ]

(Get 1000 green stars!)

(Get one red star)

  • Tomatoes are thrown at you! Ha ha ha! [ ]

(Get 10 red stars)

  • Knuckles!!! [ ]

(Get 100 red stars)

(Get one blue star)

  • Sonic!?!?!?! [ ]

(Get 10 blue stars)

(Get one purple)

  • You fail!!! [x]

(not even ranked)



  • Hit! [ ]


  • Blockbuster [ ]


  • You must feel really upset! [ ]


  • Bronze [ ]


  • Silver!! [ ]


[ ]


That's it for achievements. I made up the names xD I'm just trying to be funny.

About me:

I'm not even sure half of these people consider me as a friend. XD I don't mind...

  • Dislikes: girly things, justin bieber!!!! school, homework, being with loads of people, having to work in groups, maths, waking up early, rugby...

> Stella the Hedgehog

> "Aria" the Hedgehog

> Aria's brother (name not revealed...)

> Spitfire the Eagle

> "Aqua" Aquamarine the Aquahog

> Megara the Fox

> ??? the Fox (name not revealed)

> Miel the Cat

> Shaddo the Eevee-Pika-Orwhateveritis

> Skull the Skull (the skull on "Shaddō"'s head)

> Slicer the Eevee-Pika-Orwhateveritis

~"He has invaded my vital regions!" (said by Austria in one of the APH episodes XDDD)

~"Kesesese..!" (Prussia's laugh)

~"Find the computer room!" (said by Vector in Shadow the Hedgehog, during Cosmic Fall level)

~"It's over 9000!!!" (from a DBZ episode, I don't remember which...)

~"See that red area on the map? That means there's EVIL other there!" (on one of Mardic's youtube videos, I think the Shadow and Silver movie or something..?)

~"I am the coolest!" (said by Shadow in SA2B after he gets hit while you play as Sonic)

~"Where is that d*mn fourth Chaos Emerald?!" (said by Shadow in Shadow the Hedgehog before Circus Park level)


~"What da fu- BOOM!!!"

~"Epic Fail!!"

And yada, yada, yada...

~FAQ~ about me

Q.: Why aren't you posting flipnotes more often?

A.: I loose motivation so easily... I'm lazy... Are there enough reasons?

Q.: Why did you outline your drawings?

A.: My drawings looked sketchy, or at least I thought so. Now I have a new style... i draw with a large pen and then make it better with an eraser.

Q.: Do you report people?

A.: Not without a reason. I have reported one person with this account.

Q.: What kind of flipnotes do you like?

A.: Sonic flipnotes, MVs, PVs, series (especially Ultimate Dreams by Evie:UD (ID: TWINKLE124 !!!!) etc. I must admit that I like to watch some USxUK and APH flipnotes from the Americas regions... ///w///

Q.: What kind of people don't you like?

A.: Mean people, those who like to control you... And those who annoy the living h3ll out if me, and TRAITORS!!!

Q.: Some favorite creators?














-kevin (the one who makes Team Aurasturm!)

-michael j

-just check out my favs!

- sorry if I forgot you... :$

Q.: When do you think you'll leave Hatena?

A.: Don't ask me... I have no intention of leaving anytime soon!

~FAQ about my Series~

Q.: What about your series? Have you done much?

A.: I quit making the -biip- trailer. I was stuck for months. I'm just doing episode 1... NOW.

Q.: What about the story?

A.: I got most of it. I'll add details when random inspiration comes.

Q.: What music will you use?

A.: Sonic music.

Q.: What about the main character?

A.: Aria is sort of the main chara, but isn't... Kinda hard to explain.

Q.: Does your chara(s) have any relationships?

A.: Watch the series when they come out!

Q.: Why did you choose "The Fall" as the title?

A.: You'll understand in the last episodes of the series.

Q.: How many episodes/seasons will there be?

A.: I think there will be 10-25 episodes. There might be a season 2 if people like the series.

Q.: Will you take new charas in?

A.: I just took people in... I have too many characters now XD

Q.: Who are the charas that are in season 1?

A.: Watch the series. I can't maje everyone appear in the trailer...


I don't have anything else to say... Oh, yes I do have: thank you to all my fans, to all the people who watch my flipnotes and yada yada yada... I LOVE YOU ALL! Kesesese *cough*!!! anyways, please keep adding stars and nice comments!

Usually I would say "arigato", but that's not gonna happen! xD Oh cr@p, I said it in English!

See you!!!!!!!

~Alpha-Rise (AlphaRise001 / Alpha-Rise)