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Hey y'all it's Carl! Lol

Thanks fo' checkin out my profile XD

I'll jump right in; my fave color is green, my fave band is Avenged Sevenfold (friggin epic) XD I have two dogs, one of which is a wimpy pitbull lolz

Been on hatena for quite some time, don't know how long tho lol

Give a few shouts to some cool ppl:

Zion, Kres, Kitty, Niki, Ivy, Yasi (gonna miss u), Chris that's all I can think of at the moment hehe srry if i missed u (^_^;) Lol

Thanks again for checkin out my profile and remember, live your life, live it loud, live it proud, don't lose step, keep the beat, bring the heat, keep it real, keep it chill! (^_^)