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AGH! Well;: it's been probably more than a month since i've ACTUALLY been on hatena on my D.Si so my creator's ranking is getting lower since I haven't been posting any actual flips or getting any favs. I've been trying to go on hatena but I can't because I erased my internet from my D.Si by accident and since my left side of the screen is broken, when I try to put in my internet code or whatever, it won't let me click any numbers or letters that are on the left side. I'm trying to see if I can get my D.Si fixed, but until then please don't un-fave me and post your flips to my channel so I can keep up with everything that's going on. I have a bunch of flips that I want to post but I can't since I don't have internet. But, I have to see if I can get my D.Si fixed or where but just don't un-fave me and try to encourage me in these "hard times" xD!! Lol, well;: just do me a favor and be patient until i finally get back on hatena. Thanks. Also, I'm coming back on hatena with the name CookieTM not I<3CANDY (Extra information ~.^) Ok, well;: thanks for all my fans for supporting me and for all those haters out there;: YOU JUST MAKE ME STRONGER!! <3 Buh-Bye now ~.^

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Yesenia Hernandez






September 15

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I Don't Know...?





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NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!! pfft. Stalkers.

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Artistic Talent, Flexibility, Charm, Fashion, Designing Clothing, etc.


I can speak english,spanish,french,italian,spanglish, and a little japanese

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