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UPDATE: 30 Dec. 2011

Good news: I got a new DSI!! X3

But I had to create a new account so if you would like to know what's my new account it's called BlueRo$e( looks the same) So in other words: I'VE MOVED!!!

So please check out my new account and I'll soon add some new flips! ^^


UPDATE: 5 of November 2011

Bad news: My DSI broke :< So I'm not able to make any flipnotes anytime soon. I'll miss you guys!

Good news: I'll be able to buy another DSI but later in the months. So this is a short "good bye" and I'll see you guys soon

PS: Maybe with some new or improved flipnotes ;) lol well until then see you later and take care!


Ideas for flipnotes!

These are ideas of mine that I want to draw a flipnotes for :)

1: Fanart of Soul Eater (Manga and with Crona)

2: MV(of anything I suppose)

3:Anything that you guys want me to make a flipnote of!


(Hola)Hello there welcome! ^_^

I'm not much of an artist but I do love to draw and improve! :3

So umm my name is Heidi and my birthday is on June 26.(whoot)

Anyways hope you like my flipnotes and if you don't then that's alright and thank you for the visit! :3

As for improvement I would like to hear some of your opinions for I always want to find ways of improvement. So your words really do mean alot :) But please no hurtful words ^^;

Again thank you for the visit here and please come again ^^ lol