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This is Flipnote Hatena. All the videos here are hand-made and animation created by the Nintendo DSi.

If you're wondering what my name means Angelo in Japanese. (Prounce An ge ro)

One thing I normally do is add stars to funny or comedical flips/videos and anything that interests me.

"Boredom is your greatest weapon (in art)." -Me

I hope you enjoy my flips/videos.


From Farewell Hatena:

Another idea of mine is to have admins that Hatena could trust. They will be eyes for them.

Hatena, if you are reading this you have failed my expectations. You have let this site to ruin. Spin-offs are a lack of creativity and are an eyesore. I would consider looking at The site is more orderly than here. The spam is controled. I do not care if you ban me because I am no longer interested of this site.

That is all I will say. It was a pleasure to have known you Star, Starla, and others. Good-bye.


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