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First thing I see from spriters/drawers is that they have a blog. Why don't I have one? Because it's boring, all you do is just talk, emojji, send videos, make friends...well, two reasons why I don't have a blog is because: one, it's not a site to make your own flips and send them. Two, I'm not into bloggin' even if it's hatena blog. I just like hatena. And I could blog with text if I wanted to. To start off with me, I whould say i've always wanted a DSI xl (which i'll get for cristmas) and the game mario vs donkey kong march of the minis and a downloaded game called mario vs donkey kong minis march again! My last game I want is mario and luigi partners in time. DAT IS DA LONG LIST!!! But probbably at certian age I wont have to ask for games anymore.

Me? Spriting?? Well, I know how to draw mario charecters and sprite...but which one do I choose??? My choice is to just do both until I make my choice.

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