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Hi there. I am Jamie Rose, And I am A Manga&Anime artist. I have blonde hair, glasses, and blue eyes. I quite enjoy Gaming, And when it's Animal Crossing, Phoenix Wright, Or Super Smash Bro's Brawl, Ill play anytime. I have a Nintendo Dsi and a Nintendo Wii. My favorite Bands are Evanescence, The Red Jumpsuit, Vocaloid, and My Chemical Romance. I also love Mermaid Melody, Animal Acadamy, Pink Innocent, Lucky Star, Chibi Vampire, Death Note, Imadoki!, And, Of corse, Fruits Basket (Furuba.) I hate Yuki Sohma. If you ever want to Brawl me, Jut leave a commet. If you want to meet on Animal Crossing, (Wild World or City Folk, But i prefer Wild World) We can exchange Friend Codes. I am making a Manga called Starwberry Fresh. My Deviantart is

Thank you! :3