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HEY GUYS!!! As you might know, I was temporarily banned from Hatena due to multiple false reporting of my flipnotes... Well, that ban has been lifted and I am back and ready to take on Hatena with all my powers!!! LOL

NB: I will be cancelling all productions of FRAGMENT which was a Stick Fight Series but, now I have found it really difficult to animate such small figures so I am currently working on its replacement, 'THE BOOM-BOX KID'... I will be releasing the trailer soon... Look out for my works of art on Hatena. I am currently coming in the footsteps of a great flipnote animator 'BOSS', I have the Original person in my favorites, you can go check him out whenever if you don't know him already. :)

As I said before, I'll be back with a BANG!!! :) FLEX