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Heya! I'm Loki! Wanna know some stufffs about meeee?

SURE! Read on!

Name: Sasuke

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Likes: Drawing,Sonic The Hedgehog,having fun,Flipnote Hatena,Linkin #park,Evanescence,music,football,rugby,food,cookies,chicken leg,ice cream,fig rolls,lots of other stuff.

Dislikes: Waiting,science, >.< Justin Beiber,being disturbed,dancing,soppy movies,a few oher things that I can' think of right now.

My personality: I'm s fun snd slightly creative guy who just likes to chill snd have fun! I'm chatty and cheerful and I love hanging ot with friends!Warning though,I can snap and go mental and/or moody at any minute! TT_TT I'm great to be around if yo're feeling down,so don't frown when loki comes down!

Where am I from: England,North Yorkshire.

Species: Human.(and half vampire ^-^)

Well that's about all you need to know abot me atm.It's my sisters turn to tell ou sbout herself now.Seeya around and happpy flipnoting!


Hello, I am Miku.I am a 16 year old teenage girl who loves Flipnote Hatena and loves to partyyy! Me and my bro share the DSi so if you wanna know if I'm on,look st the name and it should be called eiher Miku-Me or lunar-Skttles. Tell u more about me later! Have fun you Flipnoters!

Seeya around! ^-^