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Hi everyone .O.

I'm from Germany ... D:

I speak a little French, but very little ..

my english is not the best ...

sry DX

Well no matter

I have a small ds i in blue :D

I'm a girl dB

I'm 15 ♥

I'm in the 9th great ._.

I hate reporters!

and love sonics and eevees ♥

I paint self-sonics ... not so good but I did test ^^

I hope I find here many sonic friends and eevee friends :D

if you say to me:

can you give me stars of my flip?

I say:

I'll give you 100 stars, if I like the flip!

if you wrote that to me too often, I get angry and give first time

no stars more D: xD

if you say to me:

Can you add me pls?

I say: why should I? Give me just one reason for this! ^^

if you say to me:

can we be friends?

I say: okay, why not? :D

I like friends ^^

but I hate liars -.-

okay :D

Current standing: 08/13/2012

I have 1100 stars

I Have 4 adds

i have two flips

I have 26 comments

I have 128 pageviews

My best rank is 1.336 .-c .

yeah .D.


I'm bad at animating ... .V.

xD oh well ...

stork me not -.-...