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Hay Im Asuna :D Im 14 years old and im from Germany =) I love Anime and Manga

And im a big Japan fan I love AnCafe Nyappy and J-Rock/Pop im a little bit freaki ^__^ my real name is Tali ... but Asuna is better :D my Birthday is on the 14.9.1995 My English is not perfect sry xD Because im GERMAN!!! haha yea i love to Make Flipnote s its so fun :D my Style is Decora its from Japan maybe i make a flipnote with Decora pls Give me maaaaaaaaaaany *stars* and komments ... And I hate POKITO !!! xD I can speak little bit English,German,and Japanese..I like to say too That im a little rocker xD I love Linkin Park,Bullet for my Valentine,Escape the fate MUAHAHAH xD i like all musik :D

ANIMES that i like or know :D


Higurashi no naku koro ni



Love Hina


Pokemon xDDD


Rozen Maiden

Fruit Baket

Kimi ga Nozumo Eien

Death Note <3


Card Captor Sakura

Sailor Moon

Fushigi Yuugi

PS: im a big fan from srta Bambü , Orplie,and Suika i love there Drawings <3