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I'll tell you right now, this is going to be exreamly long!!!

Ever sence my ban.ned I haven't really been on. Sorry for that I'll try to be on more often. I may make an AMV but i don't know. Check out me old account... (only if you want)

I'm restarting Galaxy Clan!!!!!!! Hopefully It'll rebecome back to its original glory! Hope to see some of you, my fans, friends, and foes join.

I'm starting Neaill Aminy up!!! It's a world of mystical creatures! Forms are open right now, hope you join!!! (it's an Rp group)


okay now i got that out of my system...

Motivation: it depends on what it is...

Want to contact me? Here's some sh!t...



Fake texing number: none yet need to ask friend what she uses...

Emo dragon ninjas!!!

Goals here on hatena.... (and outside hatena):

one green star *

5 green stars *

10 green stars *



10,000 yellow *

20,000 yellow *

30,000 *

40 *

50 *

60 *

70 *




red star


blue star


purple (never happening)

try not to lose my mind

Successfuly restart Galaxy Clan

Have a successful clan at one point *

Have a successful pack at one point

Try not to k!ll myself

Get past the first 10 ep. in a series I make

Finish a series

Finish writing the book I'm writing

Make a dupstep

Make an AMV *

Make an AMV that gets 5,000 stars * (well all togeather over 5 (perview, main, unlocked))

Make an AMV that gets over 10,000 stars

Start to make an AMV on new account with my new improved art

Try not to make every RP i do not mean an evil

Over come my OCD for drawing

Go 'Wooh FIVE DOLLOR PIZZA!!!' in Little Cesers (<-sp) *

Learn how to draw pic on a computer

Learn to animate on a computer

Die and come back to life

Have a nightmare

Stop eating fast food (well to once a month) *

To see my cat stop being fat (O-CO ya right)

See the dream come true

Keep seeing da future *

Talk right (NEVA!!!)

Stop my obsessivness over the number 32

Stop my obsessivness over groups of threes

Let someone steal me heart

Try not to let someone steal me heart *

Move out of this house into my own

Try not to k!ll my cat because he's so cute * (he's still alive we're good!!!)

Write successful song

Finish a song

Publish my book

Publish a poem

Stop hurting myself for fun

Get over my obsessivness over having scars/getting them

Make a name for meself *

Become a pokemom Champion!!! Gotta catch'em all!!! **

Stop world hunger........ For the childern!!!!! (NOT!!!)

Learn how to let go of my past

Become a ghost

Be a famous creater on hatena

Learn to remember what happen 5 seconds ago

Let Raven die

Let the team die

Let Demon die

Let all my childish games die

Find a way back home

Grow a tree from a seed

Stop wanting to k!ll for fun

Figer out the true meaning to life

Trust me I'll think of more! All the ones with * at the end I've done

My O.C.s Updated...

Moon- main- female- my own creation but on here cat or wolf

Raven- main- male- same as moon

Echo- side- female- same↑

Nightmare- side- male- same↑

Tainted Star (Tainted for short)- main- female- wolf

Dilayku- main- male- winged wolf (but really he's something else)

Reagle- main- female- demon wolf

Barrin- main- male- heartless wolf

Daymeron- side- female- wolf

Dokuro- main- male- wolf

Blackheart- side- male- human/wolf

Demonsoul- main- male- kittykat

Forgottensoul- main- female- cat

Forgottenblood- side- male- cat

Shining Moon- side- female- winged cat

Phantom Keeper- main- male- cat

Tanglepaw (foot)- main- female- cat

Teconera- side- female- cat

Komy- side- male- dragon

Whispering Shadows- main- female- a shadow

Neanera- side- female- felos (i created them)

Remember- main- male- colf wat (hehe) (thats a wolf and a cat but together) (half and half but also has dragoness spines)

Hopeless- sorta main- colf wat (more cat than wolf)

Taken- side- colf wat (mostly wolf but has a hint of cat) (yes im bringing him back)

Dusk Wind- main- wolf thing (she's not a wolf but looks a little like a wolf)

Kentarriea- side- wolf (im also bringing her back)

Demon (not it's name)- main- an it- strange demon that wears a tailcoat (hehe)

Tiyderua- main- female- Dwarsa Tarfol (spikeball bird)

Nera (sounds like near-a) (Netastar)- main- female- cat...

Izdro- main- male- a parisitic animal that grew in Nera's head

Blans- side- male- Eano

All 7 of the Kembalatorsh'es- main- 4 male 3 female

Thats all 38 of them! O.O

Hatena Family

Hawkeye- sis

Sesshomaru(hawkeye)- bro

Demonwolf- sis

Bramblefur- couzzy

Aki(DarkHelios)- My Mother From H*ll

Shadowspirit- Stalker couzzy

Mooncat- sis

well thats it right now...

Good friends of mine











Smexy Tiger (inside joke)

Marly (she's new to hatena you should get to know her! she's awsome!)

In-life Friends





well..... i think i forgot a few.... but... whateves..... O.O well you have a VERY small chance to make this list... im very picky... if you think you should be on this list just comment one of my flips with you concerns

'FT' sooooooo...... well.....Will put more later...... well good bye

~Mooasorus~ ;O; LAWR

Full name







Yur Face

Blood type

DNA Ya what now


Drawing, Computer tec., Writing, Playing a musical insterment


The School full of losers and haters... of me

Place of residence

FAT LADY!!!!!!!!!!

Place of birth

Neaill Aminy


Drawing, Writing, Music, saxophone playing... lolz hehe, piccolo playing, computers, WOODS!!!

Special skills

can whistle 3 different wanys b!tchessss


english spanish

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