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Hello! x

My name is Annie and this is my Hatena :D I hope you like the flips I post and I really hope you can watch the serie I am making!


Full name: Annite "Annie" Mary Javid

Religion: Halfcast (Now Muslim)

Fave colour: Purple

Age: ...... find out :P

Music type: Rock

Fashion trend: Girly

Am I a girly-girl?: I wear pink. Thats it.

Series: Sweet Dreams (COMING SOON)

Collab: None... yet.


Quiz: I have 3 quizzes I am making :D

Competition: I have held 1/4

Icon requests?: Nope. I can't draw :/


I hope you can watch them!! :) I really love Hatena so I want

to do a good job in making my series! xxx

CiLundi+ and BlackHole. inspired me to do series x

Thank you CiLundix for the temps I need for my serie!


Okaii bye!! I will update my desc. once in a while!

Thank you x (Watch my intro for my series!) xxx


10/06/12: Thank you for the stars on my serie!! :)


17/06/12: I might make a love serie if I have time!! x