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I am AuraKnight. I came up with the name AuraKinght because it reminds me of one of my favorite Pokemon, Lucario. I love to draw and really enjoy making animations. When I found Flipnote Studio on the DSi Shop Channel, I was wondering what it was. So I said it's free so I might as well download it. When I first played it I realized that it was a drawing game that you make animations with. I thought that was really cool. As time went on I kept learning new things about Flipnotes. When I went on Hatena for the first time I knew I had to join. So I've been making flipnotes ever since and I will continue making flipnotes. I'd like to give a shout out to BOSS, Xavier, Philip, sacuL,and any other flipnoters that are in my favorites. Keep up the good work! Also if you see the name AF21, AirForce21, or Tuscany21 in my flipnotes it is my brother's flipnotes. We make flipnotes together. He makes a lot of good flipnotes and he gets a lot of stars for me. So we are the AuraKnight-AirForce21 team. My new Hatena nick-name is (star)Aura(star)


I'm AuraKnight's brother AirForce21 aka Tuscany21. Most of you know me for my Call of Duty flipnotes. I have a strong clan called [AR] on the wii game called COD: Modern Warfare Reflex. My friend code is 054497165110. My clan has grown and keeps growing. We also branched out to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The ps3 and 360 branch clan on mw2 is called [EUAR]. I play on playstation 3 and my psn name is Tuscany21. If u want to join my cod clan on wii, 360, or ps3 go to our website at