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Im a fun luvin gurl that adores wolves!

If you didnt know, i was lazerwolf and i had quit hatena about almost a year ago, but im back with an improving style!

No, minion i didnt steel chur style, your style is betterx1000000! ;3

Solarpaws, you where the first person i met on hatena, i adore your art!

Thats about it with my random shoutouts, wait!!! MINION I SAW BLUEANGELS ON TV :D

kk thats it ;3 randomshouts are gone for now.... heh lolz

OH! and my name isnt Avian. Avian is a kind of bird -search on google or somthin idk- they look like canarys and chicken combined xP. ANYWAYZ Ill cya you stalkers around! -Avian