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Well,I live in NorthCarolina and am living happy. I wish to be a famous hatener-person. Well, that's all.

Hmm,yeah right,you mean Hatenian. GET IT RIGHT!!!!!!

Well Y'all just get yur buts down and say hello!

yeah...I'm kinda weird. Well,it's very nice to meet you guys and I hope we can get along with each other. Well buh bye!


They say there's someone out there for everyone.....and there is.

Aurra-The meanigful one who understands you all the time

Purpleowl-The one you gotta love! She's so nice

Melina-.........The one you care for. In a friend-ish way.


Omg! This is Kova!Kaplans son. He found me when I was young.

i have the most wonderful friend.You may know her,or not


One knife...

One rope...

One time...

You only have a short amount of time in life....

Life is short,don't forget that.

2-1-12 -Kaplan..LiveOn


My sweet love..

Oh my sweet love,I wish you wouldn't go

I wish you would stay with me everyday

I love you,cherrish you,and will always care for you.

I love you Aurra <3 -Kaplan..LiveOn 2-2-12


I think,again,i will live life to it's fullest

I think I have the potential to do anything!

I will do my life over and over again if i have to!

Live life to it's fullest!


She left me..

now i'm alone.

I feel,fine..but i'm also hurt by the words

I said. I wish she would come back...

But I know I already like another lady. :)

I love her dearly. So much,it's alot.