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Hello, my name is Aya-Chan!

I´m new on Hatena , living in Germany and 12 jears old. About me:

and a little little bit in italian

  • i like to play the piano and the violin

Thats about me. And i´m always looking out for new friends from all kind of countries ^^ it doesn´t matter were you live(11-15 jears old people would be nice ,but it can be somebody younger or older, too) .If you like to be my friend,then write ma a comment in one of my flipnotes . I surely will answer you ! And by the way i´m on "Skype" and "Windows Live" and when you will add me there i surely give you my name then , so just ask me ^^ ! But ... for Facebook i´m to young (x.x) .

Hello again, i just wanted to tell you guys that i probably won´t post any flip next time, because i travel in my holidays. Sorry (´c _ c`)

But maybe i can comment sometime, so don´t stop to write comments to my flipnotes!

Aya-Chan ↶ ↷