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Name: Ayano. Not really. But I'm not actually giving that out.

Age: None of yo' business.

Height: 5'1" -.-

Hair: Brown with natural red highlights.

Eyes: Brown

Interests: Running. Not for long distances, but for speed. Sprinting is fun! :D Reading. Novels of particularly the romance or Sci-fi genre, and also manga, not that I have much. Currently reading The Da Vinci Code. I enjoy socializing on the internet as well, with my friends and friends I'll never meet.

Fails/Hates: Mathematics of any type. My particular physics class. Nuts when they're in candy. Preppy people. For some reason, girls that are obsessed with horses. Dogs. Losing my internet connection. Homework. Getting bad grades.

Likes/Loves: Bunnies. Lol. Anime. Laughing. Forensics. Drawing although I'm not good. People who can spell and use correct grammar. Winter. Cats. Many other things. Music of any type. Boys. :D Haha.

...lol. I guess I'm done here. Thanks for viewing this. :P