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Hi Everyone!! My name is Aaron but on flipnote hatena my new code name is:Aaron:D. I am 12 years of age and come from a classified location, somwhere in England...

In my spare time, since I've had my Dsi from August 2009, I have been addicted to flipnote hatena and spend most of my spare time on it.

My favourite sports are Tennis,Kwik Cricket and Rounders.I am a big fan of consoles and their games especially from Nintendo.


Does anyone have any ideas of channel's I could make?? If so let me know on a flipnote comment in one of my flips. Thnx!


Someone made me loose my citezenship but i'll be back...


I am now back as Cycraft@Aza, a fighter against star beggars, and the people who ruin the service.


Have a great Christmas everyone I HOPE to and my next flipnotes should be out late December or January.

Thankyou especially to my fans, who helped me I couldn't of gone on without you keeping me going.


Hi Everyone I am back just here to say happy new year to all my fans. Also that you will expect a LOT more flipnotes from me this year than last!Finally I want to say that Lottie I love you and nothing will change that. xxxxxxxx -HUGZ AND KISSES-

Please check out my channel's!

I will add to this as a log when I think there's something I can add. But for now... Bye!! Aaron xxx