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▂▃▅▆ ☆ La li Hoo ! ☆ ▆▅▃▂

My Pseudo is Büissen P. B. S. Kitazawa C., but call me Büissen. [My other Pseudo's are : JeSuisHantée, Poseidon'Kami, Yuu, Alone, Rune Sakuma & Marginal Prince.] I'm 16 Years old and I'm on Hatena since 3 December 2010. (Or something in this Period.) I speak French, Dutch & a little bit English (And not good English.) I try to learn Japanese and German. I like Manga, Animé, Music, RPG, Forums etc. My Favourite Animé are : Saint Seiya, No.6, Gravitation, Bakugan & Saiyuki. For Music, I love the work of the DA-Family : Daisuke Asakura, Michihiro Kuroda, Kenichi Ito, Daichi Kuroda, Hiroyuki Takami, Kotani Kinya, T.M. Revolution, TM Network etc. My dream is to be Mangaka, Editor of Manga's, Compositor or Synthesizer player. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I know that I've always more than one way if I fail.

Flipnote Hatena is going to be deleted, but I think I go bought a 3DS someday and then go to Flipnote Hatena 3DS. I have passed very good time on this Site and I see now how much my drawing experience has evolued ! I'm better in Drawing not, but not how much I want. I can't draw some poses, I can't draw hands or feets. The only two things that I draw good are Eyes and Hair. So yeah. Should I have more experience if I learn how to Compose Music and how to play Synthesizer ? And also thank to all my Followers on Flipnote and thanks to all my friends, all the fun that we have. It was nice to meet so much peoples on Flipnote Hatena.

I looked up to much Artist and Mangaka's but the most who me inspires are : For Drawing ; Mochhiri Oyaji, Maki Murakami & Masami Kurumada. For the Music it is : Daisuke Asakura. (And DA-Family, but the Most Daisuke.)

Flavors : http://flavors.me/buissen (On this site there are many links of Sites where I am ex. My Animé List, Tumblr, Youtube etc.)