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Hello,im Crazy passing the time i've changed my name alot but im staying like crazy,im usually nice,sometimes,i like using other peoples phones,i like drawing (at least try 2 fail),mmmm i like havin friends from all over the world,i like doing and saying stupid random stuff hehehe,i have 3 siblings,1 little bro,2 older from Puerto Rico,i speak 2 lenguages spanish + english ,since i was a little girl i talked english like evryday!,im very proud of my self,i have good grades go to a good school and have a good life ,i dont like paranormal people,or either ppl who think the world its gonna end becuz its not ,maybe The humans wont be,IN THE WORLD , but the universe will still be here and not even the angels know when its gonna end only God himself knows and its his job to do wat he wants...I lied bout my age i say im 16 but im actually 13 by the time ur reading my real age..i'd be really dissapointed at mah self i dont know why i lie well...thats all i have 2 say about me...thnxs 4 actually reading thiz...BYE!!!


drawing,painting,makin push-ups (even dought im a girl),playing on the ds-i,makiing flipnotes,and homework.

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