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D hello! *RYAN* the name and i gotz game lol. well i am just any other creator.... i make series
D and sometimes i like to make random stuff just hard for meh to hack meh mind for something funneh :P so yeahhhh i have a good personality just dont get meh ticked or i might STAB U!! dB i listen to music to abd talk to pie but thats a secret shhhhh. he's sleepin' :D lalala well i am a flipnote citizen and havent lost meh citizen yet and u stoopid false reporters bettah stay out of this profile or it's meh time to ban some peps and i really dont like to do that D: and anyway i like to just have fun and chat with some nice people u know and just make some flips ^_^ well i hope u all like meh flips and hopefully add some starsss (no im not a star begger) and have a nice dayy!!! :D