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awesome, kind, tall, and smart

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awesome, kind, tall, and smart

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Okay so I'm just going to write random stuff about me!

My birthday is October 2nd and I know like 10 other people that do to!

I live in the great state of Texas.

My sister and I share an account (but only because it's to hard to get another account for her)

I have a series called "How I Survived High School"

Check it out!

If you add me I'll add you!

I'm am 13 (FINALLY! now it's time for 14 than 15 than 16 CAR lol)

One of my favorite creators is TDT!

I have been on Hatena for about a year and a half.

I play the flute (and I am one of the best in my Band)

I LOVE polar bears haha

I have a cat and 2 dogs

I LOVE chocolate!

My 3 hobbies are eating sleeping and reading (<--- haha but true)

I'm a nerd XD (well i kinda am)

I'm not all that good at drawing :(

I'm a flipnote citizen and I really hope to be one for along time (I'm talking to you false reporters)

Let me know if you want to email me and I will give you my email address

I collect SODA bottle caps

I've just been putting random thing s about me down

Umm well i guess thats it lemme know if you have any questions!