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Hey hey hey its Belch here. Now this section is for humans. so aliens and ppl from mars =sigh= need to leave(srry i had no choise).anyway,i was pretty happy with my last flip i posted yesterday, May 28th, the edit me pack. Now,Im a chik, (not a dude) i like soccer and music. My fav colour is green and midnite blue i have blonde hair and i want world peace.Im addicted to my dsi and have been told i couldnt survive without it. another thing, dont ask my age,cuz i cant say. I can tell my name though. Its Kennedy :D. Well bye!

Self introduction

Hey everyone! Welcome to my page,just to let you know, if you didn't mean to be here,I'm Belch,but to most of my friends Im Kenny or Kennedy. (or Mars :p)


highest creator rank: 345 (but right back down xD)

highest flipnote rank: IDK

1 flipnote in the mp: 0x

2 flipnotes in the mp at the same time: 0x

100 flipnotes posted [x]

200 flipnotes posted [x]

300+ flipnotes posted [x]

500+ flips posted [ ]

1,000 flips posted [ ]

Credit to Luna for that idea^^^

About Me:

Favourite colours: Lime green and bright purple

Favourite song: Moments by One Direction

Favourite band: Try and guess. JUST TRY. xD

Favourite creator: Ashley!!

Favourite solo singer: Selena Gomez

IRL Bffs: Meghan Molly Drew Michael Spencer Tianna(Titi1714) JJ(shes on this too) Riley(Bubbles [not the creator])

Hatena BFFs: Ashley Camryn Nay Nati Saturn JJ

Hatena Friends: Justine/Kaze/SushiNinja Cherryhugs BB Kit Blue

Thanx for reading my profile,