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hey! if u hav a question or a request or something post 1 on any flip and i will %100 answer. yes my name is from Gylfie off Guardians of Ga'hoole. i looooove Guardians of Ga'hoole and owls!

Other awesome flipnote people: Pokemowl, Blu Macaw, Owl Topia, beccyboop, Kim, Shard, becca, Bianca, liam

(if you changed your name, sorry. i dont go on the internet often)

(all these people r in my favourites)

(if i forgot u, just post a comment in a random flip)

my pokemon friend code (soul silver): 3438 7620 8616



(__(\ <---- Owls r us owl :D

  • "-"-


I wish my dsi was american b/c everyone who loves owls is american :/

I looove owls (DUUUUHHHH) and my fav owl is a snowy owl <3

for the last time, i am NOT continueing Naomis Teen Life. please stop hassling me b/c im not changing my mind.

I watch an anime called vampire night. it is floopin awesome :D


my bdays is on the end of may (next month :D) (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A BDAY FLIP! i will give it 1000 stars and i will love u for it forever!

I chew my DS stylus.....