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I know many many things many names... Im a weird person.. thats all you really need to know about me and we will get along swimmingly.. I feel like such a stalker..I know a couple names of people here on hatena.. I dont stalk them just everytime I post a comment there name is right there.. Im a 13 years old and im in the 8th grade XD This isnt my dsi either it's my sis's her name is Adi XD my name is Blanca.. My friend came up with a weird nickname for me... Beany O.o.. well call me by Blanca or Beany or Adi XD People call me Adi here on hatena so I most likely will still be called that..I dont have that many friends here on hatena Id love to make some new ones (no sympathy plz) I play instuments 2!(here come's meh nerdy side) I play flute, guitar, and piano. I consider meh self a big geek.Most on my friends are Asian!!! I have no idea what else to talk about..I want to be a musician when i grow up.. I guess that is all..