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Hey everyone B-wolf here!!!! Just call me Britt, its way easier to go me. Or call me......B-wolf I don't really care. Some stuff about me.... Well i am 14, as of now. But on july 21 i will be 15. Im very excited....i dunno what for, since no ones going to read this update. But yeah....uh~i dont think i need a physical discription..... Cause i already have way too many stalkers....oh you think im kidding?! I wish i was actually.... Moving on...I took down my friends list because it was unnecesary,if you have to question our friendship....-then we probably aren''t friends....but still feel free to come up to me and ask. I would be more than happy to make another friend... But I warn you if you arbitrailly come up to me and say add stars to my flips, fan me, or whatever else.....I'll spare you the details....just know the outcome won't be very enjoyable....Oh and I got a Deviant Art....Bwolf97...I'm so creative with the naming right?! Oh my gosh, favorite shows, hm anything with anime, but Durarara especially. Favorite music.....mainly rock or pop, it varies.....contemporary music tooooo. How am i? Ok i suppose...its been rough by me.,..(take that anyway you want) and no...its not a pity party. Since i could care less what a bunch of people sitting "safely" behind a computer screen think of me.... Quite frankly i dont even care what my parents, brother, teachers and friends think of me. If i did. Id be constantly chained down.... Its my life! Im going to live it to the fullest! Which means imma draw 9 hours outta the day! Lol...Blah Blah Blah.....I love to role play on hatena with my never ending list of characters. Hahahahaha! I just wasted about 3 minutes of your life that you can NEVER get back, by boring you with useless information! Take that!!!!!! I also have a DA account. Check the link below and see ya there!!!!

B-wolf Out~[howls]