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EDIT(6/21/12): Ok...well, I'm having a hard time making flipnotes because this always happens:

Me: Well, time to resume the MV I'm making!

Le DSi*

Me:...What the heck? It feels like I just want to go back to watching TV! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Soooo, yeah. Whenever I just turn on my DSi, right on that second, I feel like doing something else. I bet that happens to you too. B( Hopefully that habit will go away, so I can continue making flipnotes.


Why hello thar! Welcome to my world of randomness! Anyways, I'm BigGirfan12, or Invader Kimi! Or so, my real name is Marianne. But no last name for any for u stalkers >:3 I've been on Hatena since, I think for a year now and I've been enjoying it ever since! Invader Zim is still my favorite cartoon and will always will be. One Piece is the most awesomest (lol) manga I've read so far! Anyways, I've always wanted to become an animator when, wait. That's the reason why I'm here, right? Lol. I'm not making any sense anymore. RANDOMNESS. Basically, I dunno what to say anymore. Bleh. I'm starting to get more used to lip-syncing since that last popular flipnote (the happiest moment of my life since a recent fight between Twilight and Harry Potter at my school. Seriously, this fight lasted five weeks). Um, seriously. I dunno wut 2 type anymore. So, enjoy my flips while I discover the magicness of friendship in high bronies. I just said that, didn't I?

MORE INFONESS!! But not too much information!!

Fav Show: Duh, you should know.

Fav Animal: Dog, cuz I has one dB

Fav Food: WAFFLEZ!


I wantz a DeviantArt account so badz!! But if I do, I'll spread more epicness of Kimi throughout that website :333

My BFs!!


Invader Gar



And lotz (*OVAH 9000) more!! oFTo

I haz a Facebook account, but I can't tell. Sowwy.

MY O.C.s!!

(Not including Gir becuz he belongs to the show filled with awesomeness and waffles with peanuts and soap in them which is Invader Zim)




Good Gir

Evil Gir

Invader Kimi


And that's it. :I

Invader Kimi: Checkers!! Grab my freakishly bright blue PAK!

Checkers: (ME GUSTA FACE)


And the epicness has moved into space where freakishly awesome giant-round eyed stars are watching us. Creepy, right?

Mini Moose: NYEH

About Meh:

Well, um...oh! I luv drawing and doodling whenever I have free time, especially I liek to doodle secretly in school. Basically, I like drawing, I know Tae-Kwon-Doe, I play the saxaphone, I play basketball, almost everybody in my school treats me like an outsider. B( And uh...that's it. something random: HOLEH FUDGENUGGETS!! @v@ That's my new word when I'm surprised at something. YUSS.