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I am a Blue & Gold Macaw

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I am a Blue & Gold Macaw

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I am Lucy Macaw (A.K.A BirdSpirit) I love birds, dogs and cats. I have more then 10 pets (I think.)

Here's my dogs and their names' Domino (Cockapoo,) Ginger (Poodle mix,) Cinnamin (Yorkie/Dachshund) and Benji (Cockapoo.)

Here's my cats and their names' Mimi (Black Cat) and Pippin (mixed cat.)

Here's my birds and their names' Lary (Yellow-Collared Mimi Macaw,) Albert (Yellow-Headed Cockatiel,) ZuKi (Quaker Parrot/ A.K.A Monk Parakeet,) Jasmine (Hahn's Mini Macaw) Lucy (Blue & Gold Macaw,) Angel (African Grey Parrot) and Citrus (Sun Conure Parrot.) I love all my animals! Thanks for readin'! I also LOVE birds!

  • Lucy Macaw (A.K.A BirdSpirit)
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Lucy Blue & Gold Macaw


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July 30th




Celebrities liked Anne Hathaway / / Jennifer Love-Hewitt / Basshunter / Jennifer Love-Hewitt / David Conrad
Games liked Mario Kart Wii / Mario Kart Double Dash!! / Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time / Mario Kart 7 / Mario & Sonic: At The 2012 Olympic Games / Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story / Mario & Luigi: Supersaga / Mario Kart Ds / New Super Mario Bros Dsi / New Super Mario Bros Wii / Mario Sluggers Baseball / Mario Party 9 / Mario & Sonic: At The 2012 Olympic Games
Vehicles liked Go-Karts / Poniac Montana / 2000 Suburban / Dodge Charger 09
Things liked Trees / Unicorns / Plants (Non-Posin / Feathers / Dragons
Drinks liked Soda / Water / Cranberry Juice
Music liked Basshunter: I Can Walk On Water, I Can Fly / Rio The Movie: Real In Rio / Basshunter: All I Ever Wanted / Basshunter: Boten Anna / John Lennon: Stand By Me / Elton John: Crocodile Rock / Katy Perry: Firework / Katy Perry: E.T / Basshunter: Now You're Gone / Rio The Movie: Hot Wings (I Wanna Party) / Basshunter: Saturday / Basshunter: DotA / David Guetta: Without You / Leona Lewis: Better In Time
Food liked Cupcake
Books liked The Outsiders / Stories By Tarotgal / The Puppy Place / The Novel: Rio The Movie / The Novel: Happy Feet Two
TV Shows liked Jungle Junction / Wizards Of Waverly Place / Spongebob / Ghost Whisperer / The Penguins Of Madagascar / American Dragon: Jake Long / iCarly
Characters liked Bowser Jr. / Dark Bowser / Dry Bowser / Dry Bones / Koopa Troopa / Toad / Yoshi / Birdo / Jewel / Rafael / Bowser / Blu / Nico & Pedro
Animals liked Dogs/Puppies / Cats/Kittens / Guinea pigs / Birds
Movies liked HOP The Movie / Rio The Movie / How To Train Your Dragon / That was Then, This is Now / Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs