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Hey everyone im BlackWolf :3

I am currently 17

im also female xD

Just to be clear i dont copy. The most i copy is when i spin off but only sounds i draw my own pics and give credit to the orginal creator but i dont really think thats copying. everyone does spin offs. right?

I love to draw ^ ^ it is one of my favorite things to do.

im rather nice really and very friendly.

I enjoy comments much more then stars. but stars are greatly appreciated ^ ^.

I want to thank everyone that help me get as far as i did. I know im not really well known but i know one day i will.

If you havent noticed yet my spelling isnt all that well xD.

I try my best with my flips.

i know my flips arent the best in the world xD but they arent the worst either.

I hope you enjoy ^ ^