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The world isn’t really that big

If you think about it

Everyone has their own lives, their own worlds

They pay little heed to those around them

It’s human nature to look out for self above others

To make themselves feel better they put others down

They discriminate against those who are different

They mock and alienate those who have different ideas then their own

It’s just human nature

Little do they know that the man they discriminated against has a family just like them

And that girl that they mocked and ignored has problems with depression

But in all of us there’s compassion

The better part of human nature that we so often neglect

The part of us that wants to feed the hungry, help the hopeless, and protect the defenseless

The human race has done some awful things to others of its kind over the years

But if we can just tap into the kinder part of us that is sleeping within our soul

The world would be a much better place

For now the dreamers dreamdream for a better world