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  • Welcome to the official biography of BlazeWolf!
  • I am BlazeWolf
  • 12 yrs old
  • real name is Steven.
  • I am usually on LeafClan Rp
  • I like muffins....and cookies....cupcakes....any candy
  • I have a short temper,make me mad and I make u pay :| I'm d3ad serious.
  • I love playing Skyrim!
  • My xbox gt is ShadoWolf1018
  • this thing could be endless
  • I get along wit girls better then boys(Very very good.Because ima boy)
  • U can call me....ShadoWolf...Or if ur HawkStar.....Dinosaur.
  • No1 else call me dinosaur
  • I like total miner for Xbox
  • Xbox is my fav console
  • Did I mention I like skyrim?
  • My fav animal is a wolf.
  • I want to be a dr or lawyer.
  • If you find me and annoy me u can call

He!! Ur new home :)

  • If you wanna know more(Which I hope u don't)
  • join LeafClan!
  • My fav youtubers r.....ShaneDaweson,And Makemebad35,

Happy cow,happy cow,steals ur will to live

  • touch the randomness

Taste the randomness!