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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday i did a realy awesome,great everthing what means that it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been in a wolf-reserve(IDK how to say it) it was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am licked by a wolf, I was selected by a healing wolf. a wolf with eyes that could change in 7 colors. now they were blue! our guide said "to whom will they go?" she went to me. I was chosen because I loved most of wolves. you guys know twillight? two wolves of that reserve are photographed and changed with the computer and there is Jacob as werewolf from birth. cool huh!!!!! You should really ees back! If you're ever in palm springs, search on google: Palm springs wolves. It is so cool!!!!!!! someone who works there give me wolfs-hair! Hey that rhymes!!!!! I am so hyperrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111