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I am a Thirteen year old girl who loves Art. I have enjoyed Flipnote Hatena for the past year and I am now very excited to make more flipnotes. My characters started as stick figures. Yah, imagine a small stick figure running up a wall, sitting on it and falling off. That is what I did. After a year of all that cr*ap I switched to Shiny Eevee's characters. I thought that they were adorable, and Shiny was amazing at everything. On my old account, I did those for a year. My Shiny Characters got pretty good and I realized that my characters weren't working for me. So I decided to switch to wolves. Here I am now happy with my wolves (and sometimes other things) but I can't find any good music videos to do. I have an Idea of doing a comedy thing from LightningS but I am not good at doing flipnotes where people are talking. I have problems with that. But I will try.

I am a total Brony. I have watched every episode of My Little Pony on Netflix, I draw them pretty well, I also try to accessorize with some MLP things. I am thinking to make a flipnote with MLP in it but my way of drawing then is not that cute. So I will work on that.

Ps. Haters of MLP, MLP is The freaking BOMB!

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~Shiny Eevee



~ Knife


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~Shiny Eevee Characters

~Stick Figures


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