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Summer is Here!!Bring On The New Flipnotes!

Hey Guys! Its True >:D im back!,to start off i changed my name to チョコラ which means Chocola,one of my favorite characters from Neko Paradise(A manga)

Since school is over im going to start making flipnotes again :D.I made a DeviantArt and a Twitter,i make banners and icons on DeviantArt,just go and ask me how you want it and read the rules :D,and to break it name is not Allison Or Ally,its Fabiola :|,ally is a character i made up... :P



Favorite Color:Black,Pink,Red

Favorite Anime:Shugo Chara!,Panty&Stocking With Garterbelt

Hobbies:Drawing,Listening To Music,Edit On Photoshop CS5 Extended,Text My Twinnie Mizuki <33