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Hi! I'm BlueDoodle, here are some things about me that you do not care about but I'll say them any way cause I'm a brat : P

. I'm a girl

. 12 years old

. I'm from India <3, but I live in Canada (7 years)

. I live with my mom, dad and big bro

. I am a CTFxC fan! Anyone who is clueless go search them up.

. I love the lord, but I hate church sooo...

. I love to draw anime/realistic

. Im a nerd, I need A's to survive

. My fav colour is blue

. I hate people who are like my age or younger and date, ugh

. I have amazing friends

. I'm lazy, my perfect day is, wake up at 11 watch tv and eat breakfast go on computer and stay up till 3 am..

. I hate girls who act so girly

. I hate people who make fun of gays, lesbianns, bi's and teen moms

You don't know their story so back of

. Justin Beiber does not annoy me nor does he make me drool

. I have a slight obsession of perfection

. I am a dork

That's pretty much me...

~ BlueDoodle

~ stalker