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Updated 02/18/11:

Hi everyone!!! Yes, I'm offically back yay! lol Oh and I also figured out the password to my name, so I changed it back to HeartSent. Ok so heres information about me:

Im almost 13 years old and a female. I love to draw! I live in Pennsylvania. (So Im not from Japan)Im Puerto Rican, Spanish. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. My little sister and little brother both have an account. (but they don't really go on) My besties on hatena are: Pein, Konan, Chubz, Heather, Lucas, Ten, Jakob, Mina(bluestar) and more. (Sorry if I didnt put you on) Heres questions that people ask me all the time:

Q: Wanna go out?

A: Uh......... no

Q: Wanna be friends?

A: Of course!! <3

Q: How did you learn to draw?

A: I basically taught myself c:

Q: Girl or boy?

A: Girl (again)

Ok thats all! Bye! <3

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